Growing up in the lurid environment of a family butchery, the artist turned to 80ies splatter movies and
gloomy cartoons at an early age. These images had a strong impact and made a lasting impression.

Today, his works have one thing in common: across genres they are inspired by modern media and
the images it creates. Scenes of violence, anger and fear are an excessive exaggeration of our
vulgar "tits'n'porn" culture. Such visualizations can be found not only in horror movies but also
in war reports, the news and even on the kids channel.

Besides illustrations and paintings the artist produces short-movies and video-installations
with his production company “Le Saucisse”.

Sebastian Lechner lives and works in Munich.

Exhibitions / Filmfestivals:

*2004: “Food Show”, Munich/Germany (G)

*2006: “Resizable”, Salzburg/Austria (G)

*2008: „Gallery Schelling 50“, Munich/Germany (G)

*2008: “Trash Filmfestival” mit „Liebeshungrig“, Berlin/Germany

*2009: “Trash Filmfestival” mit „Sie sind weg“, Award for Best Actor, Berlin/Germany

*2010: “Lobster Random: No Gain“, Munich/Germany (G)

*2010: “Lobster Random“, Berlin/Germany (G)

*2010: “W7 Time Bandits: Re-inventing progress“, Munich/Germany (G)

*2010: “Geistprojekt III - CURATORIAL PROCESS “, Berlin/Germany (G)

*2011: “ █ █ - Neonchocolate Gallery“, Berlin/Germany (G)

*2012: “Showroom/Exhibition - Fashion Week Berlin“, Berlin/Germany (G)

*2012: “kunstart 2012 - Bolzano: The Glocal Rookie of the Year“, Bolzano/Italy (G)

*2012: “Compressed - Exhibition/Auction Neonchocolate Gallery“, Berlin/Germany (G)

*2012: “Untergang - Opening Gallery Team Titanic“, Berlin/Germany (G)

*2013: “Professioneller Projektvergleich“, München/Germany (G)

*2013: “BODY MASS INDEX - Gallery Team Titanic“, Berlin/Germany (S)

*2013: "Bilder, Bier, Butterbrot - Hello AG", Munich/Germany (S)

*2013: "Allsympathien - Gallery Milchstrasse", Munich/Germany (G)

S = Soloshow
G = Groupshow