Insta: k_rizohh

Sebastian Lechner lives and works in Munich, Germany.
He was born in June 1979 in Dachau, Germany.

Sept. 1995 – 1998, Apprenticeship in Signmaking, Dachau/Germany

Sept. 2000 – 2002, Specialized Abitur (=A-levels) Secondary College of Art, Munich/Germany

Oct. 2004 – Sept. 2006, Studies of Digital Television, Salzburg/Austria

Oct. 2006 – Sept. 2008, Studies of Communication Design, Berlin/Germany

Sebastian Lechner studied graphic-design and 2D Animation, his passion was however, always painting, which he devotes himself to almost exclusively since 10 years. His work used to be figurative and turned into a more free and abstract form. He deals with social and sociological processes and the ever-growing influence of technology on humanity. The physical expression and its dissolution is a recurring element. Many characteristics and modifications arise from experimental practises as well as the the artist's personal iconography.

He founded the artist group "Stromzaehler" together with Florian Huber and Nick Botticher. Since 2016 he has been organising and curating several group shows with renowned artists.

Shows and Exhibitions:

Between 2011 and 2015 Sebastian Lechner aka korizohh was presented at several exhibitions and art fairs of the galleries "Downstairs" in Munich and at "Titanic Gallery Team e.V." in Berlin.

*2022 "Weiche Knie in Italy", Milchstrasse 4, Munich/Germany (S)

*2022 "Stromzaehler #9 - Edition Rosenheim", P14 - Posthöfe, Rosenheim/Germany (G)

*2022 "Reihenhäuser mit fehlenden Gliedmassen / Mythos Management am Beispiel Eigenheim"
Rosa Stern Space, Munich/Germany (S)

*2022 "Stromzaehler #8 - Total Living", Isarparkhaus, Munich/Germany (G)

*2021 "Utopia fuer 2 (zu viel... und lieber doch nicht)", No Depression Room, Munich/Germany (D)

*2021 "Stromzaehler #7", Sandstrasse, Munich/Germany (G)

*2021 "DIY: Simple Snake Traps 4 Future Scenarios", Maison Almedina, Munich/Germany (D)

*2020 "Himmel Hoelle Wertstoffhof", Recyclinghof Yard, Erdweg/Germany (D)

*2020 "5000 durch Mittwoch ist 4", Das Kaffee, Reutte/Austria (S)

*2020 "No snakes in my hometown", Gallery Kampl, Munich/Germany (D)

*2019 "Stromzahler III: Dilemma Emocional", Off Space, Munich/Germany (G)

*2019 "Neugeflecht", Off Space Department Store, Rosenheim/Germany (G)

*2018 "Kilowatthours – Stromzahler Vienna Edition", Vienna/Austria (G)

*2018 "Obazd is!", Off Space Department Store, Rosenheim/Germany (G)

*2016 "Stromzahler II", Off Space Heimeranstrasse, Munich/Germany (G)

*2016 "Exhaustis", U.G.L.Y. Store, Munich/Germany (S)

*2016 "Stromzahler I", Off Space Neureutherstrasse, Munich/Germany (G)

*2016 "Herzenslust", Off Space Schonhauser Allee, Berlin/Germany (D)

*2015 "Group Show at Gabirol Art and Culture Center – downstairs gallery", Tel Aviv-Jaffa/Israel (G)

*2014 "Sommerlochtraum", Off Space Ritterstrasse, Berlin/Germany (D)

*2014 "Downstairs – 3 years", Downstairs Gallery, Munich/Germany (G)

*2013 "Berliner Liste – Art Fair", Gallery Team Titanic, Berlin/Germany (G)

*2013 "Allsympathien", Gallery Milchstrasse, Munich/Germany (G)

*2013 "Bilder, Bier, Butterbrot", Hello AG, Munich/Germany (D)

*2013 "BODY MASS INDEX", Gallery Team Titanic, Berlin/Germany (S)

*2013 "Professioneller Projektvergleich", Munchen/Germany (G)

*2012 "Greed", Gallery Team Titanic, Berlin/Germany (G)

*2012 "Doomsday Episode Two", Gallery Team Titanic, Berlin/Germany (G)

*2012 "Doomsday Episode One – Opening Team Titanic", Gallery Team Titanic, Berlin/Germany (G)

*2012 "Compressed – Exhibition/Auction Neonchocolate Gallery", Berlin/Germany (G)

*2012 "kunstart 2012 - Bolzano: The Glocal Rookie of the Year", Downstairs Gallery, Bolzano/Italy (G)

*2012 "Showroom/Exhibition – Fashion Week Berlin", Berlin/Germany (G)

*2011 "Munich Contempo Art Fair / Animal Instinct", Downstairs Gallery, Munich/Germany (G)

*2011 "Lechner/Keplinger", Neonchocolate Gallery, Berlin/Germany (D)

*2010 "Geistprojekt III - Groupshow with Olafur Eliasson Klasse UDK", Off Space, Berlin/Germany (G)

S = Soloshow
D = Duoshow
G = Groupshow